Christmas Photo A Day, 11 YEARS on—

WOW! 11 YEARS of Christmas Photo A Day!

I know (think? hope?) that you are all enjoying my tiny glimpse into Christmas…



Eleven years ago, the first year I did this, it was via EMAIL. I sent out email! To friends and family Who READ THEM, and responded!  Such a quaint, old-fashioned thought!

Back then, “in the olden days” when people didn’t carry phones with more megapixels than the first dSLR I owned, before the GIF, or MEME, before everyone was a graphic artist…

It was a different time, a quieter time…. (goodness, this sounds like great-grandpa talking about walking two miles, uphill both ways through the snow, to school!)

But you know what? It was for ME as much as it was for you.  I am a RETAIL Christmas person. I need to find the JOY in Christmas, “the peace on earth” under all it’s commercial nonsense. I NEED to know there is “goodwill toward men” out there! And so, here we are. This is the 10th year I have been posting images on the blog. *(search for old posts over to the right– CPAD or Christmas Photo a Day should lead you down the proper rabbit hole) I hope that the time and effort I put into this yearly endeavor is something that you have found value in, that you have looked forward to, and that you will SHARE these posts, encourage people to visit,

…to shop…

I am making it a bit commercial myself this year.  I want to travel next spring–to Scotland, Ireland and Wales with a few of my friends. And the Lottery Fairy has yet to leave me the winning ticket under my pillow. I don’t see Santa being any more accommodating, (although I will hang my stocking like a good girl 🙂 )

Consider this a go-FUNd-me type of thing… but with the added bonus of ART! You get to buy something from my website,(CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU) I get $$ to travel, take more photos to post on my website….rinse and repeat.  (Obviously, I receive only a portion of the price you pay because of production costs, and none of the shipping— but I want to make my art affordable as well…)

TOMORROW IS SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. I am a small business! (so are your LOCAL art galleries, who are ready and waiting with unique gifts of art…  (tariff-free!)img_1065

Christmas Photo A Day starts back up next Saturday, December 1st. Don’t miss a single day–sign up for the blog, or on Facebook like The View From the Passenger Window.

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