Aliaslaceygreen–that’s me…

Who am I? If you want to know, take a look around this site 🙂 🙂

Oh, lazy are we?  Fine, be that way! (LOL 😉 )

I’m a full-time wife, full-time employee and full-time dreamer…

I’d like to give up one of those gigs, can you guess which one?
(OK, I am ALSO a full-time Cat Servant to a super-senior and a tween feline, the mother/stepmother to three adult children and bonus Gigi to a Laylabug….)

I’ve been taking photographs since I was 11 years old; my first camera was a little Kodak 110.

I started writing before then. (I have great memories of sitting on my grandfather’s lap, editing book reports!!)

Quilting? Well, that is a newer endeavor. Only been at it since the late 90’s.

Blogging has been hit or miss for a few years; I have tried a variety of sites before, but have finally incorporated all the older blogs into this one!

Thanks for stopping by! Do leave comments…. as someone once said, and I will repeat without attribution, “Comments are like virtual (((hugs!)))”

You can never have too many hugs!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Aliaslaceygreen–that’s me…

  1. PLEASE……..consider NOT changing Dale and Squirrels names! I was a very close friend of George (their dad) and these names were special to him. We have also contacted an animal communicator that confirmed they like these names, especially Dale. I feel that your energies are very positive and that this is truly a great home for them. I send you light and love for taking them into your home. George thanks you too, I am sure.


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