Raison D’Etre

There is a habit to BELIEVE what feels “right” to you and your sense of self, your experiences.
However, in pursuit of definitive proof that you are right, that your cause is just, that being so loud and forceful and in your face about that idea, you really should branch out on your reading.
To PROCLAIM that Z is the worst letter in the alphabet, and to then “prove it” by pointing out that ALL the other letters in the alphabet COME BEFORE Z, and that PROVES it is absurd.
Z is the last letter because no other letters were placed after it in our alphabet. (it’s kind of interesting to go read up on it)
If your “research” is that you went to Google and found The Alphabet Song recording, or reached back to kindergarten where you got to sing a song, or a meme with letters or a book and that was ALL you used, your research was incomplete. Because all your research has proven is that in this language, we PLACED it last. We didn’t ASSIGN any other meaning to it’s existence there, at the end.

Alternatively, if you are over, well, let’s say, over 40, and I asked you to name all the planets in order, you would most likely immediately proclaim the following. “My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles.”
Yesterday, I asked Laylabug if she knew all the names of the planets. Her reply was YES! My teacher taught us a pattern to remember them.
And then she told me, “My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Nachos.”
Huh. Poor Pluto. A whole generation is gonna just think of him as a goofy dog.

In the same way, UNLESS you are a (INSERT WHATEVER ESOTERIC SPECIALTY SCIENTIST/DOCTOR), the information you READ about any complex topic that you are not an expert in is 100% BIASED in favor of the perception and overall desire of the writer to create a narrative.
YOU are not technically proficient enough, even if you are an intelligent person, you don’t have the specific vocabulary to read dense medical or scientific papers and extrapolate the correct information ACCURATELY.
It’s not a knock against YOU. (royal you, of course) You JUST DON’T.
So, IF you read a report online (and to be fair, most of us get MOST of our info online, whether it is a reputable outlet or not) PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU ARE. To WHAT they profess as their overall rai·son d’ê·tre is.
Are they SELLING something? (Political and medical beliefs are a COMMODITY)
Who benefits from their statements?
WHERE did they get THEIR information and WHO was the person they trusted to read, comprehend and translate into everyday English? Who made it UNDERSTANDABLE? Did they do ANY due diligence on the results provided; the translation of Medical Gobbeldy-Gook into information a lay person can digest?
If their conclusion is diametrically opposed to the prevailing wisdom, what kind of double-blind testing did they do, to PROVE that their hypothesis is the accurate one? How did they go about disproving the prevailing belief?

What did they do to go to the sources to ask them HOW they came to conclusions so different?
WHY is it that the majority of more widely accessed sources of information have NOT picked up on this belief? WHO IS PROFITING from this belief?
READING THIRTY SCREEDS that link back to each other in a Gordian knot that “PROVES” they are right AND you are being lied to should be a hint you are being provided falsely interpreted information. Did you read up on anything that tried to disprove your prevailing belief, to see if there were holes you could drive a truck through? Do you follow/read/interact with in any way people/pages or publications that are on the other side of what you think, just to “keep yourself honest?”
Saying, “I DO MY OWN RESEARCH”, or saying, “HAVEN’T YOU DONE/READ…?” to try to shut down someone, and not having read and UNDERSTOOD the source material is not DOING your own research. If you are reading the opinion of someone who has NO real subject matter expertise and you find that they know a SECRET TRUTH that only a few can “really see/understand?”
You are regurgitating OPINIONS that make you feel comfortable with the things you have chosen to BELIEVE.
Nothing more.

2022– Have at it.

Ok, maybe not THE most positive and uplifting way to welcome a new year, but we’ve been burned lately😬 We made it to the other end, once again! A December full of Christmas photos! I hope your holiday was fun, merry, joyful and safe! I wish for your 2022 to be fabulous! I hope all the things you want and all the things you wish for are within your grasp!

ABUNDANCE is my word of the year….and not in a “CASH MONEY” or some religious reward kind of way, which is what the majority of Googling the word came up with. The word appeared three days ago as I was vacuuming. It always just jumps into my consciousness. (And wont be budged or put aside for some bigger, better word, thank you very much).

As I sat with it, I think it is more an understanding and a peace with what IS. I have the ❤️love❤️ of my husband, the love of my children and granddaughter. I have health, I have a job. I have excess. There is a car to spare when one is in the shop. I have enough blankets to stay warm if the power goes out. I have plates and mugs and forks enough to avoid doing the dishes today if I choose (I don’t have and never have had a dishwasher–you can’t miss what never was) I do have a washer and dryer within steps of my bedroom, so I can do laundry at my convenience, not that of the laundromat. I have the warmth of two cats on my lap. I have the love and companionship of my friends and family.

I am not feeling this word as a call to minimalism, (see above desire to avoid dish washing) or to spend my year only shopping thrift stores, making do or doing without, although there is a certain quality of satisfaction with what IS in the word ABUNDANCE. (I will of COURSE want that new, GORGEOUS purple polka dot fabric for my stash!!)

—some of my previous words of the year, collected in last year’s blog—

I wish for you good health in the coming year— get your jabs, believe in science, wash your hands, wear your mask, and BE KIND.

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CPAD 2021–December 25 Christmas Photo A Day