Been some time…

(I know there needs to be a photo to suck you in, to make you scroll… preferably of a cat, right??)

It looks like democracy,Joe Biden and the lack of the former guy. combined with the resulting sanity must agree with me….I haven’t had a “ranty, get over yourself, grow up and think of others” post for a good long time. Rather than a new blog post a day till I catch up with all the crazy that is running through my head, here is a stream of consciousness stream of ranty thoughts wandering around…

We are now in the Groundhog Day portion of COVID-19…., we’ve had two St Patrick Days with no parades, everyone has had at least one birthday in lockdown, we did two Easters, we are heading close to our second anniversary of Memorial Day where we BBQ in our backyards with a few folks, weather permitting, sans chaos and crowds, masked even if you are amongst those who have been jabbed twice (last date for that second jab has to be around Mothers Day, to provide you the requisite antibodies, etc) You even may be able to visit your mother on Mother’s Day instead of like last year, when you attempted to teach her to Zoom….if you have followed the science.

As promised, a little bit of Alastair the Cat…(and friends Baby Beluga, Ducky and Baby Doll)

As to the doubters among us– you do realize that you are here, alive and hale and healthy in your 40’s? 50’s? 60’s? 70’s? BECAUSE your parents, back in the before times, in the ’50’s ’60’s, 70’s,’80’s–DIDN’T ask your 18 month old self if you WANTED to be saved from smallpox or polio or measles, or mumps, or, or, or…And yes. Some parents EVEN let them test those vaccines on young children, because otherwise children wouldn’t make it to adulthood to give consent. (IF your parents opted you OUT successfully from all vaccines, THANK the vaccinated “herd” around you for having survived without catching any of the above..) Anyway, be glad and thank your parents for giving you a chance to live long enough to complain about the simplest thing you could do for people and wear a mask, let alone thank them for the chance to live long enough to die from Covid 19…

Have been scouring the interwebs and have discovered exactly NO ONE who has turned down (returned to sender) their stimulus money, despite carrying on about whatever communist plot it is a part of –(and of course, the “communist plot/socialism” bits only pertain to the LAST $1400; the first two installments equaling $2600 having been issued under the directive of dear leader, that money and it’s reason for appearing in your bank account is as pure as the driven snow–proof in fact, that the gubbermint CARES for you. It’s the New, Democratic money that is suddenly suspect and a sneaky socialist/communist plot.

The socialist plot trope in these storylines has gotten so out of hand that some GOP reps seem to think Corporate Communism is actually a thing…further proof that our educational system has failed–1, that someone would say such a thing, and 2, that other people would believe it. (of course, option 3 is that person one, speaking, BELIEVES they can FOOL you into believing whatever claptrap comes out of their GOP mouth because Dems are the devil… and remember, if you can’t see the con, you are the mark…)

I mean, look. YOU know you are not as stupid as some of the people you have elected –by choice or by apathy– think you are, right? Their voting records are right out there in the open, but they hope that instead of listening to what reliable news reports tell you about how they voted, or researching it yourself, they instead think their fancy, high-production-value videos of them lying through their teeth will sway you.

But. If you are still only getting your “news” from the insane number of emails that “trmpAndCo* are sending you, and you are STILL sending out $$$ to support the whinging, crybaby, poor little “billionaires” in their attempt to destroy (or their favorite misused and bizarre word –CANCEL) democracy, well, I don’t know what to think.

There is a story in the NYT, early April 2021, which describes in heartrending detail how older, not so internet savvy trmp* supporters accidently approved REPEATED, WEEKLY withdrawals of cash (you offered him $50, or $500, ONCE? and yet, you accidentally approved $50 or $500 every WEEK??) from their accounts, to “support” the poor little rich billionaire baby boy in his fever dream of the big lie, till they couldn’t pay their bills. While most of the over 100 MILLION dollars was returned, it essentially ended up being a huge interest free loan to the poor billionaire who didn’t want to use his own $$ to fight for his seat.

WHAT is bi-partisianship? No, REALLY. What do YOU think it means? Because according to the recent retelling of the GOP, in order for something to be Bi-Partisan, THEY,– the LOSERS, the Minority party,– THEY should have as much if not more say over what happens in the government.

The way that appears to work in their mind is this— THEY could have won election/re-election by ONE vote in their congressional or senatorial seat. They PERSONALLY should be more paid attention to than the others; indeed, their “firmly held” belief is that ANY legislating/governing/lawmaking REQUIRES a 60% YES vote.

Remember, THEY could win their election 10,000 to 9,999 votes… but to actually legislate, the vote total in Congress/The Senate would need to be equivalent to 11,999 to 7999–60/40!–THAT is what a filibuster-proof majority (which, any member can simply EMAIL a message saying they plan to do so… nothing more taxing than 30 seconds during a commercial break of a TV show’s worth of effort..)

Also, did YOU elect Mitch McConnell? If you didn’t vote for him (say, because you DON’T live in Kentucky) does it not piss you off even the smallest amount that HE is telling YOUR representative that THEY may not, WILL NOT vote FOR something that President Biden proposes? (one can only assume the reason is that YOU and YOUR state may actually BENEFIT from said bill, and that would just not do.

Do you like the idea that your representative will simply REFUSE to vote yes on something as basically positive as repairing that bridge into your state– you know the one– only one lane of traffic at a time because it’s gotten so unsafe that the weight restrictions cause back ups all the time??–Your rep MUST vote NOPE, no thanks, don’t need your money, JUST SO BIDEN FAILS.– And NOT because they were elected to say No, or because they truly BELIEVE that is the right answer,but JUST because Mitch TELLS them them must say no. (and equal opportunity complaint– Manchin has outsized influence right now) Democracy is a very fragile experiment, and we need to be as careful with it as possible–and we need to UNDERSTAND and participate.

Where that is taking us is to the unbelievable place where a GOP senator is sending out scary ads talking of THE HORROR of President Biden wanting to dedicate $400 billion to CARING FOR YOUR ELDERY MOM… Yup, the one you FINALLY get to see on Mother’s Day, assuming you’ve both gotten your jab.

Can you even imagine? Remember, early in the pandemic, which political party felt that your elder family members would be willing to DIE to keep the economy open.

It MATTERS who you hire– from local dog catcher on up the ladder of public service. IT MATTERS.

WHO you vote into office matters so damn much that those in power will do almost anything to keep that power-do the people you are voting to put in charge BELIIEVE in SCIENCE?

Do they BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT?? Do NOT elect anyone who does NOT believe in the power of government, ok? IF they say that private enterprise is the way to go, tell them to go be a CEO, and leave the welfare of your state in the hands of someone who believes in government, and what it can do for people.

I can’t tell you the number of posts I see on Twitter and Facebook, of people I actually know, all around this country, basically crowd-sourcing COVID vaccine appointments–it hurts my heart. But, then, I read the thread, and my heart grows two sizes when I see EVERY RESPONSE is one more idea about where and how in that state that you can maybe find a shot. And there are such things as Covid Angels, who have put their skillsets and time together, who are matching shots on the ground and turning them into shots in arms.

I get my second shot on my daughter’s birthday, and while I will not be seeing her on Mother’s Day, I am SO VERY glad that hugging my granddaughter can be a real thing again…


Who is the president right this moment?
Is it 2021 and Joe Biden  is actually president and I don’t know about it?
Is Trmp* running against President Biden?
I am so confused..
This is gaslighting of a higher order.
Joe Biden is a private citizen. He holds no office.
Joe Biden has absolutely no authority at this moment in time to affect anything.
At this moment in time, for better (or obviously worse) Trmp* is the president.
He’s in charge.
He owns all the unemployment.
He owns all the death from COVID-19.
(YES. He does. Because he and his minions are QUICK to use HiNI deaths as proof that Obama/Biden were EVIL, and should have no right to call out Trmp*.-all 13,000 of them. Which is about two weeks of COVID deaths that are still happening, that Trmp* owns but is trying to pawn off as a hoax.)
He owns every single death because of riots.
He owns every single protest.
These protests are not happening because Joe Biden is president.
These protests are happening WHILE Trmp* is president.
But, apparently, Trmp* will FIX IT ALL two weeks AFTER he wins
The riots, the looting, the fires, the death, the loss of jobs.
“He will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today,” am I right?
Upside down world, people. Upside down world.
What is CURRENTLY happening should convince you NOT to give the other guy a shot.

Oh, Corona

This is gonna be one of those stream of consciousness thingy-s… you know, where ya kind of spitball thoughts, and see which take hold, which are the bits that feel like they want to be fleshed out… Hardly any of it it is probably unique, or profound, and I probably absorbed some of it by osmosis from something in the air…
Kind of the way you absorb a virus, if truth be told… you can’t see, hear, smell or taste it… you just kind of touch it there, on the door knob, unaware, or walk around the corner in the grocery store, right into the miasma of someone’s 30 second-ago sneeze…and Bob’s your uncle, tag, you’re it.
So, we as a country, (we will leave the world out of this momentarily, they have enough of their own problems without being saddled by contact with the virtual shthole country we are proving to be)—-we as a country, we move. A lot. Like, we wander (drive) in and out of towns, cities, counties and states without much regard for where we are in space and time. I mean, I live in the county, work in the city, and if I decide I want to go shopping in the metro area today can easily find myself in two other counties and one other city. I didn’t even cross state lines in that example, indeed I didn’t even consciously GO to SOMEWHERE ELSE, I just drove…it takes no more than an hour in the other direction for me to leave the state, though.

And the thing is, I barely know what the city restrictions are for this coronavirus, and those I know only because there is, at work, some information passed along.

Local TV news doesn’t really exist any longer. If I turn on the TV, I get the orange shtgibbon flinging feces for a few hours of free rally time, where he determines by yesterday’s review of his reality TV episode which of the supporting cast gets lines in today’s episode.

(Tell me where I am wrong. The ONLY person who has the sense god gave him, Dr. Fauci, is on and off the show, based almost solely on how much positive news coverage he took AWAY from donnieboy* the day before. If Dr. Fauci gets too much positive press tonight, you can set your clocks on the fact tomorrow he will be unavailable to speak.)

And, just as an aside– NOT that I want to see their smarmy faces, but has he sent his children into hiding? Maybe it isn’t a hoax? I mean, Ivanka—why doesn’t she know HOW to solve all of this with a well-placed shake of her blonde, blonde head? I mean, she hangs out with Jared the Important, doesn’t she?

Yeah, ok, off topic. I warned you it would happen.

Anyhoo… what I was getting to with the county/city thing is this.

THE BEST RUN, MOST RESTRICTIVE town, county, city, state government is going to be USELESS if someone who lives in a state where they believe Jesus has the wheel is in charge, and they are doing nothing to stop the spread pops on over into The HazMat Zone, (THMZ) right?

I mean, they are bringing their grimy, virus-infested car and cash into the well-scrubbed, disinfected hourly CVS’s and Krogers and Stop and Shops and 7-11’s.

And those from The HazMat Zone who feel the gubbermint can’t tell them what to do, no sir, it’s a free country, they take their own, up till now perfectly healthy selves, off into that Jesusy state and buy up all the loo rolls to make a profit on a street corner in Mayberry, THMZ, carrying in the virus on their return.
So, yeah. Our Federal government today believes Federal government is too big and that STATES RIGHTS (Civil War, anyone) should supersede. Ok, fair enough. Whatever.

But, if the GOVERNOR of your state isn’t doing anything either, you are now relying on county and city officials (many county and city officials are PART TIME). Not everywhere is huge, NYC or LA sized, you know. City Council is a part-time gig, one Tuesday night a month, to decide do we or don’t we put a right turn on red signal at at the intersection of Main and Broad.

Now, we are down to brass tacks, aye? So. Your town council believes in the creation of THMZ. And they issue a press release, guidance for the companies of their little fiefdom that they RECOMMEND they follow the protocols. But they are doing it without the full force of LAW. Just a “hey, it’d be nice if… it might be wise to…”

You, citizen of the USA, may get into your car and find a more amenable city or county from which to hoard bread. And you take or bring (your mileage may vary) The VIRUS along with you on your way, potentially poisoning either your here-to-for healthy home OR bring the nasties to a once healthy town or city or county.

And big, corporate-run companies, with outlets in every state, most cities and many counties– –well, the god Profit is a hard god. And capitalism is a state religion. And, so, IF they don’t NEED to make any changes from the TOP DOWN, they will wander in the dark, tweaking this, trying that, seeing what the market may bear.

And, yeah, what is vacation time for, if not for use during self-quarantine? No vacay? Too bad, so sad. Call out if you feel something coming on, IF you have sick time. If not, I guess it’s even odds…

YOU are supposed to sit in your home and assess– Is that just a HUNGER headache or Covid? Is the sudden hotness just menopause or Covid? Could that clogged-nose coughing fit be just seasonal allergies or Covid? And don’t show up at the doctors office if you think you HAVE Covid, please god, don’t do that. Just stay quarantined for 14 days or till you need to be intubated, whichever comes first.

What a way to run a pandemic, am I right??

IF EVER there was a time where ONE government, the FEDERAL government should be running things, it’s a pandemic.

I like patchwork quilts more than the next gal… I am a quilter. I can appreciate how all the little pieces create something of great beauty, when alone they were just scraps.. But this isn’t time for quilting.

Pence, 3/23/20 “The President wanted us to make it clear that the federal government will do whatever it takes to support an effort that is locally executed, state managed, and federally supported.”

In other words, IF IT DOESN’T TURN OUT THE WAY YOU EXPECT, don’t come bitching to me. Blame your county executive, or your mayor, or senator or congressman, or governor. (why do we not ALL have Andrew Cuomo as governor right now???) But NOT the PRESIDENT*

In case you need that translated into something even more understandable—

Ok, yeah, now I’m gonna go quilt. While on my day off. (Not in quarantine, not in forced social isolation, because hey, retail. )