Looking with Eyes That See…

Here are my photos. Well, not literally, HERE… but THERE, down below!

I had another blog that I decided to import and blend with my original blog. So…. Now, you will find my photography blended with the rest of my postings, but they will always be tagged photography…

How to see my art.
Images to OWN
The View from the Passenger Window… . My photographic works are now available for purchase! (There are some folders locked for clients.)

Why don’t I just have massive amounts of photography available for you to right click and ‘borrow’ on my blog?

It’s because of COPYRIGHT.

I won’t get into it here, not right now. But. EVERY photo I have EVER taken, anywhere, of ANYTHING, is mine!!!  (That’s not me yelling, really it isn’t 🙂 )…. Any photo you have ever taken is also copyrighted to you.

Copyright can be a pretty contentious conversation amongst artists versus those who don’t truly understand… It’s not free to someone who happens to like it, to someone who would rather not pay for it, or there for someone to take and call their own.

In the same fashion, I don’t own (or upload, or post) anyone else’s photograph without permission 😉

Pretty simple, really.
This topic can get HIGHLY volatile. I wanna keep it easy, and calm.

Therefore, …..well. Another day, this will be a blog post, in its own right. 😉

In the meantime, I would be THRILLED if you wanted to own some of my art–Contact me for pricing/gifting.
:)Thanks! 🙂

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