My Quilting…

Some of the quilting I have done. At my Smugmug site there will be some info for each quilt. If there isn’t and you would like info on it, please contact me! I love to talk about quilting!
PHOTOS of my quilts

4 thoughts on “My Quilting…

  1. Hi! I am so sorry to bother you but I just happened upon your website and I live on Staten Island too! I just started exploring the world of quilting and was wondering if you happen to know of any quilting classes on the Island?


    • kristen….no bother! unfortunately I no longer live on Staten Island… i am in virginia …there used to be a quilt store there but she moved to PA….
      you could go over to Joann Fabrics and ask if they know of any classes…i know there is a quilt store in manhattan, city quilter, and there are several over in jersey…. google a bit and see what you come up with…good luck!


  2. Hi, I am doing an artquilt of choppy waters in the Ageagin sea. Regarding your quilt from Disc/Guard with seagulls going for the fish, how did you make the quilt of water, did you chop up fabric and fused it to look like water or did you buy the fabric. I would be interested in knowing. Pat Miodonksi(rmiodonski@aol) A sunday afternoon in Sept 2009. thanks


    • Hi Pat!
      Actually, that quilt is 8.5 x11 inches tall. It was part of a tryptich during a Journal quilt exercise a few years back. The multiple blue colors are seagulls in the SKY….it is one piece of store purchased fabric….
      The sun is setting between two hills of green… no water in this image, sorry!!

      I’m not sure what page you viewed the image on… it’s completed view is on the post, Virtual Hugs, (sept 11) I believe…. there are crystals glued randomly in the sky and embroidered wording as well…
      I think if you fused a variety of blues, maybe even some with a metallic sheen and peeled the backing off, snipped and played you could come up with something neat!!
      Hope that can help you!


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