Christmas Photo A Day, 12/9/15


My grandmother’s nativity, with the addition of an angel from my step-daughter, Michelle.

#TSO tonight! The true meaning of Christmas, in this one song, Old City Bar, so an extra edition of holiday caroling.


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Two Weeks in October. CY365 1018-10/31.

12053098_10208418628607240_2053446301_n12167453_10208446034012358_890467678_n (1)12200937_10208527489608697_1837905376_n12200885_10208515921959513_1727597838_n (1)12202508_10208515924759583_241263747_n (1)12200696_10208520610436722_671493567_n (1)20151024-IMG_175112200633_10208501556600388_1573909300_n (1)20151025-IMG_214920151026-IMG_3085-312181825_10208475416266896_369058850_n12179375_10208471648732710_1845772154_n12202149_10208515923879561_2002452923_n 12178085_10208472301829037_1530634103_n   20151026-IMG_3124

Photos of the Week. CY365, W/E 10/17/15

12107010_10208440229347245_8839886695923165631_n Fall leaves. (plants inside, and of course, dug up by cat immediately.)

12168064_10208439857377946_1232154511_n (1) Orange. Art gallery opening at Side Street Gallery.

12166938_10208437140310021_1469960122_n Glowing. (Mars, Venus, Jupiter.)

12167180_10208429848327726_1161669427_n Choices. This layout, or…

12167738_10208418655607915_1200518133_n (1) Precursor. (to Christmas gifts!)

12048959_10208416488073728_1623112991_n (1) Wow factor. Hope the movie will be exciting!12166682_10208447714134360_992223054_n First Halloween casualty.


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