Week 11, Photo of the day 2017

(three quarters of) a dozen projects…Three of the same, but different…Low angle shot…bonus cat photos…off prompt again (sick day with cats)…Three of the same but different-take two…Off prompt getting my Irish on…off prompt the couple who goes to patient first together stays together…

Photos of the Week. CY365, W/E 10/17/15

12107010_10208440229347245_8839886695923165631_n Fall leaves. (plants inside, and of course, dug up by cat immediately.)

12168064_10208439857377946_1232154511_n (1) Orange. Art gallery opening at Side Street Gallery.

12166938_10208437140310021_1469960122_n Glowing. (Mars, Venus, Jupiter.)

12167180_10208429848327726_1161669427_n Choices. This layout, or…

12167738_10208418655607915_1200518133_n (1) Precursor. (to Christmas gifts!)

12048959_10208416488073728_1623112991_n (1) Wow factor. Hope the movie will be exciting!12166682_10208447714134360_992223054_n First Halloween casualty.


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Photos of the Week, #CY365 W/E 1/17/15

Prompts— I got them all, but not on the corresponding day…11. White  12. Frost  13. A Pop of Color  14. Be Positive  15. First Taste  16. A Snowflake  17. Powdery

10934014_10206306734611210_247113773561162329_n11. White
20150114-IMG_276912. Frost    If I were looking for how many prompts I could fit into one photo, this would win for Spot of color, Be Positive (spring WILL come,) First Taste (of winter weather) and Frost. But I don’t play the game that way!
10931011_10206315221863386_1153466665847182332_n13. A Pop of Color
20150115-IMG_278414. Be Positive (snow will melt, spring will come)
1507192_10206341280594838_2503174480205454676_n15. First Taste
20150112-IMG_273516. A Snowflake
10410777_10206351934501179_2777226473061217508_n17. Powdery

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Prompts are from CY365!