The First Day of the Rest of My Life…

544840_10201242124359119_262396658_n…I believe the term for this is Money Shot!  Absolutely MY favorite wedding photo! After the wedding, we had an ‘illegal’ parade along Fillmore Street till we reached Snug Harbor (complete with bagpipes!)…For The Love of a PrincessCastlePastel30597_1439832479771_1564816_n24755_1436281911009_187369_n32397_10201351092523255_696011363_n…The gangs all here….(actually, not…the ring bearers are missing…) Simple Gifts….

…(All wedding photos taken by Michael Falco –Thanks AGAIN!!!!)

2004 Easter-32 (2)…Mr. Tall Man…

2009_Christmas -31 (2)…Gotta play with the new baby camera he bought me for Christmas

……2008CandC_Rierson-51untitled…Timmy is the most awesome of fathers….

img_7416…And Stepfathers…….

2007 Easter_122 copy…And his laughter is pure joy. I love to lie in bed at night, and hear him laughing at something on TV, the laughter reaching my ears from the other end of the house…it just makes me melt….2010 sc-2Best self-portrait EVER!IMG_1455 copyHe is a loving and dutiful son (who obviously came by his crazy honestly) and is now making sure he passes this trait on to the next generation.

479782_4422754850966_715251027_n2013 JAN Chihuly-1052012-FEB 13…Sunshine and shadows…B0005034…We are different…

TrishTimXmasOur first Christmas together, at Sharon Ave… I love this photo, although it is blurry…

IMG_1482 copy…his heart is big, and full and overflowing with kindness and love…20110510-33…and he takes me to the beach!IMG_3072(…And he takes his cars on photo opps…. Top of the world….)

I am not the one who is the romantic… I am not a serious player at the game of romance, of grand gestures. That would be Timmy. For every score of poems he writes me, I can crank out a little ditty.

But this year we will not be together for our anniversary–He is on a long jag of OT and I will be meeting up with an aunt and some cousins for a birthday party out of state.

However, we celebrate our love every day. The day that our lives changed forever, and for the better, is today, 11 years ago.  It was a Saturday morning like this, and the weather on Staten Island was wonderful. We were surrounded by all the people who were important to us that day, and while a good number of them are no longer with us, I am so glad to have had that day…
Our ‘formal’ celebration this year will be in New Orleans in a few weeks. It is our annual honeymoon—(Our inaugural honeymoon was to Niagara Falls, Canton, Ohio for the Football Hall of Fame and then on to Lancaster, PA.)  Our gift to each other is this vacation; the opportunity to explore someplace, usually new to both of us.. Sometimes it falls near our anniversary. Sometimes it doesn’t.

For our first anniversary, we traveled to Paducah, KY to go to the quilt show there…. and wait ladies, before you all get excited about how awesome this man is, he drove to NYC first to pick up my best quilting buddy first!!!!!(We hit up the Chicago quilt show a few years later, but only as a duo….)

We have also gone to Key West, to Montana, to Quebec, back home to New York City, to Asheville, NC, to San Diego… and of course, in a pinch, any beach along the Eastern Shore from Cape Cod to Myrtle Beach…These are our gifts to each other…. a road trip, a fine meal in a strange town, the opportunity to create an entirely new set of memories, together.

So today, hunny, remember this…. I LOVE YOU…. and am so very proud to claim you as MINE….

INFO dumping…

I have about a half dozen thoughts, that could be posted tonight, but I don’t know if I’m really in the mood to flesh any one of them out at the moment, so I think just a random sampling of what’s rolling around in my head would be enough (or possibly WAY too much for some)

So, without further ado and with absolutely no order to the listing….







Last week Timmy and I went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and I had a blast taking some lovely floral shots. That you can’t see. Because of(let me see) # 6. The computer. Right, recall that computer I got from Joe for my birthday? It’s great. Wonderful (no, Really Joe, i MEAN IT, Thanks!!!) However, it and I have had a difference of opinion on where I store software, whether I wanted all 110,000 messages sent to my new OUTLOOK, etc.

But now, basically, I am good to go. Except for the monitor which is small (I didn’t think it was, I thought it the size of a house, but the SCREEN part of the monitor is SMALL!!!) and the fact that my Photoshop Elements claims a file is missing and won’t upload. So, I just ordered myself Elements 6.0 and when it arrives, I will be able to share images (I mean, I COULD…but I shot in RAW, and they are HUGE…..)

Ok, that was the flowers, part one. Part two is that I planted seeds on Saturday last, and so of course the deluge came. I am relatively certain that most of my seeds were washed away, and I will see them in the gully (sorry Timmy) or in some unsuspecting neighbors yard. I am talking something like 4 inches of rain on Sunday, ok?? A little tiny seed probably didn’t have a chance. 

In any event, it was all part of my annual effort to prove I AM NOT A PESSIMIST!!! I insist on planting, I am sure success will be mine, this time. I forget, except intellectually, what it feels like in the summer, at 103 in the front southern facing yard. I forget that the weeds are barely capable of surviving the voles/moles that are tunnelling through our entire front yard. ( I know there is a difference between the two creatures, but if I google them I will have to look at some icky creature. Its ok, thanks)

I determined after 4 years ( I AM teachable) not to spend too much money on plants, because it seems they just cant make it. I bought seeds. Except for two plants. One of which was stolen. Yep, yanked up right out of the garden a gaping hole left. It was either a vole/mole or a squirrel because they left the name tag.

 Speaking of squirrels. I am thinking of opening a spa for them, right here in my back yard. Location, location, location!  I watched a squirrel yesterday collecting seeds from the scene of the crime the day before, when he or his cohorts were caught hanging by their rear legs, and swinging their bodies up at an unnatural angle in order to stick their head into the bird feeder. The cheap bird feeder I bought when I decided we would see how the birds liked our yard, which they have promptly broken by all their acrobatics.  Well, the jury is out on the birds, but the squirrels are guilty!!! 

After said squirrel gorged himself on stolen seed, he pranced into my screened in gazebo, stood on the adirondak chair and stopped for a drink of water that had pooled on the side table. Then he proceeded to climb up onto the corner shelves of the gazebo, and stretch out for a nap under the shade of the roof.

 Ok, so WRITING. I finally have completed an outline for The Big Chill,  my fan fic in progress for over a year. It’s down to 6 songs. I know (kind of) whats going to happen in each of them!! hooray!! ( wow, I finished a thought in 3 sentences!!)

Onto quilting. Ah, quilting. My other love. I have started three (shush, you DID NOT hear that) projects. And have made headway on a fourth. I am working currently on a Wild Goose Chase made entirely of batiks and black. I have one-third of the blocks finished.

I started (although I swore I would wait)  on my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler quilt. Two blocks so far. But there are 140. So I have some time yet to go. Eithne and Robin think they will join me on this journey.

And of course I FINALLY started on the challenge quilt Eithne proposed. I have 1 of four named blocks completed. Waiting on receipt of the other 5 block names.

And then there is the TQP challenge, 2008. Which as a challenge goes is easy. Using your initials, choose three colors and make a quilt. Wonderful. Easy-peasy. Except I designed the quilt. And then messed up the measurements and cut and stitched 24 nine patch blocks too small.  No, not really too small, just too small for me to do do the alternating block as a paper pieced block. I am ready to shoot myself after the first 2/3 of one block!!! So I re-drafted the pattern to enlarge that block to 10 inches from 6 so that I would still have hair left when I was finished.  I do have to master Paper Piecing if I expect to get through Sylvia. But — easy steps.

Joy?– Or control? What causes, in this day and age, with all of the incredibly serious, earth changing events currently at play,…. what causes someone to lose their minds over the minutiae of life? Is it because they truly DON’T have any worries?? They know of no-one suffering a great illness, or worrying whether their job is secure, or has family in Iraq, or, or, or…..

Today, a customer called me. (I custom frame art) She had brought her art BACK to me to re-paper, because the BACK of the frame was wavy, bubbly, whatever. I agreed it didn’t look awesome as far as that all went, and  was flummoxed by the adhesive not sticking. I re-did them myself this time, so I KNOW what they looked like. Mind you, the frame was great, the stitching, etc, not a single complaint on any of the 5 pieces. But she swore the ‘only’ thing she could see whenever she walked by them was the gap between the paper and the frame. (I know, WHERE are they hanging anyway?? AT what angle is she viewing them?)

Her husband picked them up the other day. We looked them over and found them acceptable. Today she got home from her vacation and called me, yelling at me, wanting to know what I could do to fix them, what kind of a guarantee did we have, what kind of materials am I using? You get the picture, right? Remember, from the front they are PERFECT. It’s not as if scraps of backing paper are sticking randomly out. It is the back. The side that faces the WALL. 

So, the question I leave you with…. is this person truly that Anal? Does she really think this is an IMPORTANT issue?  Or is her world spinning so fast off of its axis that THIS is the only thing she thinks is within her control?

Anniversary… SIX, yep count’em, SIX years ago Sunday  we got married. And we agree we are so well suited. Indeed I went out yesterday and bought Timmy a gift. You see he has recently taken up Golf.

And today, I watched as he emptied out his trunk when he got home. Yep, I stood there and watched him pull out of his trunk a golf bag. And not ANY OLD golf bag, but indeed the exact one whose twin is currently hiding in the guest room, now apparently awaiting return…

Yep, we belong together!