20181201-IMG_7228You know I enjoy these odd photos; the ones that have a story that happens because of the decisive moment that you click the shutter. Sometimes, you only SEE the story later on.  I saw Santa, in shorts, pushing this stroller at the beach on a rainy night.  And I took the photos FOR the shorts. But when I started looking,  this black and white image made me laugh– here is Santa, crossing with a don’t walk sign, checking to see if the police officer notices him!20181201-IMG_7230 (here, too, is the short-wearing image)  Look down below that, and enjoy Lady Madonna, another of my story photos.

Visit my photo site, and give ART this Christmas! Help fill my piggy bank for a trip to Ireland, Scotland and Wales this spring.   (OK. ADMIT DEFEAT. ANYTHING you order now is for YOU YOU YOU. You know you better than anyone, so go for it!)

Or go down to your local art gallery and help them clear off their walls!


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