Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 13, 2016

Two for Tuesday


Me, Mom and Arlie, 1986


Miss Tatiana

(When I chose “Change” as my word of the year for 2016, I wasn’t clear enough, about what I was after, apparently. My mother died, my cat died, and well, it seems so did democracy –as well as Alan Rickman, Mrs. Brady, John Glenn, Prince and Bowie.)

Remember to embrace (but not too hard) those who are suffering, who grieve; remember that grief is slippery and hard to get hold of. What seems like so much old news to you is just the first  “—” holiday without for them…
20161209-img_0840 Addendum to yesterday’s post… it was a video and apparently didn’t arrive to everyone’s inbox correctly. You may need to go directly to the blog page to view it (it’s worth it 🙂 ) Linus Lucy Laylabug and Granpa 2016

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