Christmas Photo A Day, 12/26/15

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More Notes From the Refrigerator Door

12305402_10208680357950310_1017785641_n Santa was kicked to the curb!

I am not a fan of the mad rush up to the 25th, with a full screeching stop for one day, and then the determination to denude the house of any sign that Christmas happened before the next trash pick-up.

I celebrate the 12 days of Christmas AFTER Christmas, as is traditional, and not how retailers have decided it was meant to be BEFORE Christmas.

So, as long as all Christmas is packed and away by Valentines Day, I feel I am doing good! The tree stays up till the Epiphany. And it is usually far longer before it gets taken down, to be honest! I want to enjoy the holiday season, not rush to the next big thing…

I hope that Santa was good to you!

20150225-IMG_3178 Any takers?? (it’s a dry heat 😉 )

See you next December 1! I hope that you…

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