Can You Hear Me, Dad?

My husband… on love and loss, on memory and acceptance… ,#

Thoughts from the Highway of Life


I know it would be just as easy for me to sit here and say the words out loud, or better still, kneel down and pray, but here at the keyboard I can do both. I feel for you at times like this and I can only imagine all those night you spent in the hospital where those deep hours were just you and your thoughts.

I know you lost your father young, just like I lost you, and years later, your mother. Despite being surrounded by those you held most dear in your life, did you still feel alone? It’s a hard sensation to describe, but when the rest of the world sleeps, the memories and thoughts in your head just won’t be silent.

An old legend says if you can’t sleep it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream. I have no clue if there is any truth…

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