Clinton vs. Trump

Perfectly put. Blameless and perfect she may not be, but Sane, accomplished, capable? Yeah, she’s got that going for her.

Liberty and Justice for ALL


Political name-calling is nothing new, and the modern media loves a nickname better than the cure for a deadly disease. They also seem to love controversy better than substance and there has been no shortage of either in the 2016 Presidential election campaign.

Republicans and conservatives love to call her, “Killary,” or “Crooked Hillary,” while Democrats and liberals call him, “Lying Trump, DumbTrump,” or any of a long list of colorful metaphors I’ll leave to your imagination or social media feed.

Hillary Clinton has certainly been accused of lying more than once, along with virtually every member of Congress, but I think there is a large difference between changing your position on a particular issue, qualifying your remarks, and outright lying.

Clinton has changed her position on more than a few points over the years, but after forty years of dealing with law, public issues, and government service I’m not…

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