What’s on YOUR Christmas tree?

My tree is a tree of memories; of places I’ve been and of people I care about. These are a few of the ornaments made by my steno teacher in high school over 30 years ago. I just learned recently that she died. Mrs. F  was a huge part of my life–a mother figure– way back when. All these Christmases later, her memory is brought to the surface, with love and affection as I decorate my tree and unwrap these handmade ornaments.

10516778_10152727409336117_2449415477108551457_nHappy birthday, Thomas and Matthew!

Small business Saturday! Shop local! Shop ARTIST galleries! Do you know how talented your neighbors are?

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31-day-blog-challenge-1(**Also, and “somewhat cheat-y”, as I already DO a blog post a day in December, BUT I have joined a 31-Day Blog Challenge!!!  If you are interested in either a bunch of new blogs to follow, or you want to get out of your blogging slump, look at what Cheryl has set up!)


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