Photos of the week CY365 W/E 7-11-15

PHOTOS crossed out match a prompt. 5. Now and Then  6. Variation  7. Where I Stand  8. In the Past  9. Vintage Style  10. At the End of the Day  11. Zeitgeber

11715338_10207688999886978_1686548224_o5. Now and Then  you need to watch the World Cup upside down

20150710-IMG_81566. Variation Welcome to Comicon

20150706-IMG_79857. Where I Stand  there are no giraffes.


11733404_10207710606467129_1702094236_n TSA agent recognized me as an Outlander fan.

11713391_10207733104629569_1130629599_n10. At the End of the Day  End of watch, end of career. Congrats on your retirement!

11717259_10207717519159942_2145838446_n There ARE days, aren’t there?

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