PHOTOS of the week CY365 W/E 7-4-15

Prompts for the week. Crossed out means used. 28. Low Light   29. In A Dark Room   30. Black   1. From the Shadows  2. Hazy   3. Side Light   4. Spellbound

11651354_10207622465423658_526720835_n28. Low Light
20150701-11694263_10207640463593601_650781890_n30. Black
20150701-IMG_78512. Hazy

And then, the rest of the week. Unprompted.

11717184_10207679132600302_807208599_n*CAN Larry get that whole burger in his mouth? Why, YES. He can.

11653976_10207625486739189_2014111912_o*IT’S a good thing Laylabug chose Arielle for her nightgown. Bad optics had it been Cinderella.

11715901_10207643826557673_1247711873_n*THE Creation of ….well, ok it was a great shot before they let the fur fly.

11664977_10207661269313731_1476419679_o*DO I know how to spend a day off or what?

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