Photos of the Week, CY365 W/E 7/18/15

I matched a prompt for every day this week!  12. Sky Blue  13. Delicate  14. The Horizon  15. Off Prompt  16. Undercover  17. Tranquil  18. At the Edge

11731325_10207742701549486_1324670920_o12. Sky Blue African Tulip Tree
11754995_10207803442267966_249286645_o13. Delicate display of willpower, whomever left the last TINY slice of carrot cake!
11750035_10207748138605409_1132298144_o14. The Horizon-Welcomed home by rainbows and torrential downpours.
11737132_10207755789916687_2011022288_n15. Off Prompt
11760573_10207780973026249_536226307_o16. Undercover model. (The little girl on the box is the big girl in the photo)
11759681_10207773064028529_93440188_n17. Tranquil. NOT.
11694358_10207765536480345_243782355_n18. At the Edge

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