Two weeks in June. CY365 Photos of the day, 6/14/15-/27/15

This month really has been a difficult one; prompt-wise they are just not coming to me. And we seem to be experiencing August in June. So, that “late summer meltdown doldrums” has been hard to get by.

14. Yellow  15. Inside Out  16. A Vegetable  17. Just A Hint   18. Wrapped   19. Handmade   20. A Golden Bloom   21. Perspective   22. On The Ground 23.   Eye Level              24. Up High   25. From Below 26. Scale 27. Forced

10440687_10207494328740321_3857336351612520193_n14. Yellow   11647250_10207559966861233_955147528_n16. A Vegetable (Donuts can be vegetables, can’t they?) Do you see Mickey Mouse in this photo?
11541295_10207552049623307_1429058558_n17. Just A Hint—of what is to come. Laylabug learning to Scissor.  11647334_10207524281329117_1535945452_n  18. Wrapped. VMFA
10430846_10207510772591407_8363937686633849640_n19. Handmade (but not by Neko, despite his planting himself in photo)  11649165_10207565192391868_1433827592_o 21. Perspective
11657356_10207583444608162_838034226_n22. On The Ground-Kmart disappearing before our eyes.  20150619-IMG_779523. Eye Level
11659499_10207575280844073_1661453854178465622_n24. Up High   11639821_10207563036177964_413571108_o 26. Scale  See how big her quilt blocks are?
11651314_10207613187711721_1277115236_n27. Forced. My daughter made me do it.

Unprompted.11301527_10207514809532328_1168368207_n (1). 11206940_10207504211827392_674773380401875664_n11048748_10207499948360808_5152296152584815956_n

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