Photos of the Week. #CY365 W/E 6/6/15

Did pretty well with prompts…

31. On The Loose

1. Release
2. Go!
3. Carefree
4. In The Wild
5. A Little Nerdy
6. Create A Scene

11354464_10207418631647941_559856547_o1. Release—Wet and windy week blew these leaves to our deck…
11348463_10207431094639508_80731939_o3. Carefree
11423938_10207410911294937_1013277410_n4. In The Wild—Framer captured in her habitat.
11311704_10207420721300181_1243934526_n5. A Little Nerdy—assemble your own salad at work…
11304263_10207436041243170_1905232348_n6. Create A Scene Billy Joel in concert, 6/6/15 Live at Farm Bureau, Virginia Beach.

11296512_10207384889084398_1013778323_o How can one not take a photo of such sweetness??

11330939_10207418631927948_464560483_o The reason I have been kind of slacking the past few weeks— scanning like crazy, and making a photo book for my aunt’s 75th birthday. Hit “Publish” yesterday!

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