Photos of the week CY365 W/E 5/30/15

I seem to have not published this! Whoops.

24. Remembered
25. Sacrifice
26. Complete
27. Spark a Memory
28. This Moment
29. Fairy Tales
30. Keepsake

11281514_10207378962336233_192527262_o24. Remembered—too late to bring my dSLR to check the progress of this massive magnolia…
11347452_10207330113475042_1173551945_o26. Complete—Finished. Just past their prime.
11358760_10207374448983402_1464542104_n27. Spark a Memory— At a thrift store. This brings back the ‘painting’ room to mind. The story goes that my grandmother was notorious for collecting random family members who needed a place to stay; it is rumored that my grandfather took up painting while the room was temporarily vacant in order to stop having “strays” brought home. So, he painted and both my brother and I moved in—we took the big bedrooms!
11311770_10207362304079787_2084584546_n28. This Moment—Happened to check my email to find out my prompt early that morning, before we got up. So, THIS moment was then.
11281860_10207383967341355_1294912969_n29. Fairy Tales—Rhonda designed this at work… matched the prompt perfectly.
11355381_10207375008597392_1453245475_n30. Keepsake—I have been in scanning mode. LOTS of ephemera in my world.
11271268_10207375009037403_308355570_nHe was going to be for my fairytale….

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