Photos of the Week. CY365 W/E 6/13/15

Not greatly inspired this week.  (But,Here is a link to our trip last week to First Landing State Park. There were some lovely locations to shoot there.)

7. In My Hands
8. Open To Receive
9. Where I Stand

10. Selected
11. A Favorite Color
12. Take Control
13. Tiny Hands

11349869_10207478378861584_1866170721_n8. Open To Receive Or NOT.  “You had ONE job.”
11429636_10207436779181618_1923491741_n9. Where I Stand, or sunbathe.
11350062_10207515809637330_252628271_n11. A Favorite Color (Black and White!)
11414564_10207515809117317_266334307_n13. Tiny Hands


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