Photos of the week. CY365 W/E 5/16/15 AND 5/23/15

Whoops! Seems I forgot to post last week! So, for your holiday viewing pleasure, 2 weeks of photos!

20150515-IMG_757412. In Nature11245462_10207217211132554_1526481590_n13. Edible

11258945_10207192770121544_734140212_n14. Treasures20150515-IMG_757215. Depth

11193214_10207253298354712_4138840671748690639_n18. Empty11233031_10207258131115528_934598483_o 20. Dance

11333293_10207244942625824_1169617881_o21. Serenity11377121_10207275926880411_3695232079060743866_n22. Solo

11256527_10207265290814516_1609348582_n23. Open11313191_10207237779966762_556329790_n   When a 3.5 year old asks you “Are you happy?” be very afraid. “Isn’t it pretty, Gigi?”

The remainder of the daily photos are prompt- free Winking smile



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