Photos of the week; CY365 W/E 5/2/15

26. The Right Light
27. Highlight
28. Under a Canopy
29. Candlelight
30. From a Window

1. Happy May Day
2. Outlined

11054813_10207107857878791_4664158022281932002_n26. The Right Light—I tried to get a selfie with the sparkle of the prismatic crystals on my anniversary gift, but alas, my arms aren’t long enough…
11168969_10207132113885176_592719384_n27. Highlight—The highlights of our wedding, 13 years later, safely behind glass in a bookshelf.
1908183_10207144933365655_8001079258884005231_n28. Under a Canopy—of clouds.

20150430-IMG_722030. From a Window—Entertainment while Ironing.

11182358_10207140159086301_4182835666776967428_n1. Happy May Day, alternative meaning.
11186226_10207132113485166_864035762_n11160481_10207132113245160_75294504_nLaylabug, shoe-shopping. Spiderwort in sepia. Not fitting any prompts  Smile

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