Photos of the Week, CY365 w/e 5/9/15

3. With Flowers
4. Pause
5. Where I Stand
6. Adorned
7. Towering
8. Change the Scenery
9. Tucked In

10846154_10207185348095998_523420368209674268_n3. With Flowers— Forget-Me-Nots
11221062_10207155705794959_1288186812_o4. Pause- I am in LOVE with this photo.  Laylabug, taking a break.
11210305_10207163315665201_147618711_n5. Where I Stand—Just something humorous at work.
11203213_10207185348736014_4737421825257536031_n6. Adorned—This azalea is adorned with droplets.
11201492_10207169356096208_1150965998_o7. Towering—Mama is towering over her babies.
10453110_10207162960536323_980790444195523111_n8. Change the Scenery—There is nothing odd to me about this shot.
11210089_10207151140440828_1215271458_n9. Tucked In—Fold that pizza and fit in your mouth!

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