Photos of the Week. CY365 W/E 4/25/15

19. Symmetry
20. Words
21. Both Sides Match
22. Hands Full
23. The Early Bird
24. Two by Two
25. Frame Filled

Oh, let’s just say they all work with the prompt with enough manipulation of the English language, shall we?

11134239_10207092122725422_821577066_n19. Symmetry—of a sort. The rule of thirds, at least, on a rainy morning, I grabbed this shot.
11165841_10207056755921274_721559692_n20. Words—I have driven by this hotel sign for 13 years, but today was the day to stop.
11146005_10207065952791190_1980508504_n21. Both Sides Match—another rule of thirds, or the background each side matches! (This copper plant tag says Rosemary, if you look carefully)
11160306_10207049789427116_2014694084_n22. Hands Full-We went to the nursery to look at plants, and couldn’t leave our Egg at home.
11165825_10207092123765448_2006028919_n23. The Early Bird—early morning sunshine through the window in the den.
20150426-IMG_716124. Two by Two—The last of the wisteria season, sad to say.
11160472_10207092124365463_1811785241_n25. Frame Filled—April is challenging in that it’s always WET! So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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