Photo a Day, CY365 W/E 4/18/15

Some photos could go one way or another this week, as far as matching prompts. And #12, well that was taken last week. But I love it so much…

13. Opposites
14. Blue

15. In The Air
16. Naturally Bright
17. Flashy
18. Collection

10250069_10207020061643940_1513614334054368586_n12. ROYGBIV—Grand Central Station.  I couldn’t resist this shot when I saw the lady wearing a jacket that worked so well with the product!
11116181_10207015608012602_1619143695_n13. Opposites—Knowing WHERE this peaceful scene is, and it’s history, versus it’s look… This is what used to be the worlds largest garbage dump on Staten Island, NY … Now a park…. and this reminds me of the painting Christina’s World.
11091388_10207031841898439_1815508407087507961_n14. Blue, AND in the air! (the YELLOW from the tree is in the air and coating everything)

11141437_10207015607612592_593061767_o16. Naturally Bright—Long after my daffy’s dry up and disappear, this one little bunch of narcissus blooms.
11174772_10207039747816082_7531073518711436496_n17. Flashy—Bright crayon collection …. Reminds me of Aunt Gene, who had a 5 gallon mayo jar full of crayons that my mom and aunts and uncles used when THEY were kids.
11131908_10207004623297991_1559389000_n11160089_10207023777336830_813196164_n18. Collection –of T-Shirts turned into a quilt for my daughters birthday, and a collection of camera gear, on the way out to do some wisteria hunting!

11156891_10207035862118942_1951829079_n  Just waiting for a train to pass. Old, rundown house that just begged for Waterlogue edits.

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