Photos of the week. CY365 W/E 4/11/15

Some of these words kind of hovered in my subconscious all week, so I have a few interpretations…

5. Gathered Together
6. Bunch
7. Where I Stand
8. Cheers!
9. Layered
10. Step Outside
11. Prepared

11112223_10206943900019947_8457189369734600120_n (1)5. Gathered Together –Easter at Maymont with the Vecchio family
11139360_10206950831393227_576814672509542316_n6. Bunch —of selfie silliness…

11143539_10206962409362669_3338733279112209240_n7. Where I Stand Got my marching orders, packed and ready to go!
11148896_10206989643243499_552886342_n8. “Cheers! Slainte Mhath!” Or, as Graham McTavish is screaming, “Tulach Ard!”11131741_10206987072019220_1493715947_n
1655957_10206965811087710_7704231007878776565_n9. Layered— Out on a scouting mission for wisteria the other day,

11115964_10206950831993242_2059213645_nand layers of mat and frame…
11139626_10206988385412054_123610047_n10. Step Outside— Odd, coming across a Tim Horton’s in NY where a Dunkin should be…
11119480_10206977457618866_703134774_n11. Prepared— All my plaid, on the boat to Manhattan for the Tartan Parade.

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