Photos of the Week, W/E 4/4/15

I am probably going to go off-prompt for a while. It usually happens, once spring is here and there is light! However, at the end of the week, we will see if the subliminal messages I receive from the daily email manifest in my photos.  (of course I am posting late, AGAIN)

29. Look For The Light
30. Glow
31. Painting

1. Sundown
2. With the Sun
3. In the Garage
4. Dappled

11119729_10206890775131858_2095377917_n29. Look For The Light  Channeling Dorothy.
11102802_10206878093534826_2518979486605774316_n (1)30. Glow-Laylabug decorated us with daffies…
11016837_10206890438403440_7240659109111706505_n (1)31. Painting—a little app magic with an order I designed and framed…
11130593_10206890348441191_305427662_o2. With the Sun, we make designs.

20150402-IMG_61724. Dappled

10404883_10206915848598679_668719898177407690_n Portrait of a Proper piece of pie.

10347803_10206924601897506_6524219441506793759_n (1) Pre-Easter baking.

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