Photos of the Week, CY365, WE 6/7/14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

I love comments! I am stretching here with a few to make them fit my prompts… Crossed out prompts I feel I captured….

1. Ritual
2. Cheese
3. Wildlife Wonder
4. Up North
5. Floating by

6. Well-Known
7. Holding it

10428774_10204459862440560_1811092580_n1. Ritual Brunch with my hunny…. beignets and nutella latte!
10432405_10204496306791646_732887154_n2. Cheese (well, DIARY, ok??)
10425628_10204498459565464_676693487_n3. (Wildlife) Wonder  –untamed, at least, this rose bush cascades wildly…
10439735_10204484504576598_455703158_n4. North of 90…and it isn’t even noon, and it isn’t even summer…
10443759_10204468969508231_751785687_nphoto bug5. Floating by—a lightning bug stopped for a rest one afternoon on our window….(bonus photo~)
10325683_10204461817009423_3929625972508188175_n6. Well-Known, to some, but new to me…the Pump House Park on the James.
10447278_10204484505296616_783711611_n10269649_10204513742827536_7487498761320497644_n These two don’t ‘fit’… but…

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