Photos This Week Capture Your 365 Week Ending 5-31-14

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I love comments! I am stretching here with a few to make them fit my prompts…

25. Twilight
26. Freedom
27. Monochromatic
28. Soul
29. Safety
30. The Present
31. Quiet

hotdog25. Twilight—or at least dinnertime!!
10419872_10204437166913186_1269547447_n26. Freedom— The replica of the Vietnam Memorial came to our city this week…
974664_10204451177263436_1750758651_n27. Monochromatic—almost so…but definitely all peaceful and soft!
10416779_10204405650445294_1823147592_n28. Soul—The eyes are the window to the soul….
10371539_10204429469240749_981413391931773846_n29. Safety net. 
10437261_10204444977388443_1483121660_n30. The Present—TGIF!
10390938_10204430109376752_6556822633504190140_n31. Quiet—not really! Giggle monster most of the time…

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