This week in PHOTOS, CY365 WE 5-24-14

This weeks prompts

18. Hope
19. Where I Stand
20. Devotion
21. 20
22. Beauty
23. Make Believe
24. Finished

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10357984_10204354351282847_1491127532_n18. Hope —that I can get to the tuna! Tuna Macaroni salad for dinner. It’s killing him… #Neko#badkitty

10339719_10204384247990246_5152872294502304076_n19. Where I Stand —Virginia Beach!

10394583_10204374469985802_7542498560553222861_n21. 20 (20/20, eyeglasses)—I haven’t been using the prompts every day, because if something strikes my fancy, I shoot that. Today I actually looked at the email with the prompt (eyeglasses) and I thought of this. The New Testament belonged to my husbands dad, and the eyeglasses to his great grandmother, if I recall correctly. My mother-in-law gave these to me a few years ago.
10362713_10204367391968856_1319239790_n22. Beauty  This little petunia is a flower of opportunity. NoNoNeko destroyed the plant living here and so I sat the planter outside and promptly forgot it. From somewhere landed a petunia seed….
10374381_10204379779558538_169420182_n23. Make Believe  —The Rubber Duck Project comes to Norfolk!

These last two photos don’t fit any new prompts, but could be doubles for Make Believe and Beauty–

10388413_10204391217564481_904664300_n Waldo was a little upset that he didn’t get to go see Rubber Duck at the museum yesterday, so I let him take a ride on the much smaller replica we bought as a souvenir.

1469970_10204398065815683_2300716121727731158_n The scent of magnolia is one of the most beautiful parts of late spring…

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