Photo A Day. CY365, Week ending 3/15/14

9. Emerging
10. Asymmetrical

11. From Down Under
12. Arranged
13. Irish

14. Mark the Spot

With a little creative license on both calendar and definition, I managed to hit all 7 prompts this week!

1974980_10203854437065304_984045254_n9. Emerging—Taste preference and experiences. Laylabug said no to “Brubreeies” but then decided she DID like them!
photo10. Asymmetrical—Words With Friends, my typical just-before-bed routine….  And this WOULD have been my IRISH photo prompt, except I found something else. (Ok, Technically not a Photo, either.  But how often can you spell SLÁINTE on WWF??)
10007535_10203872393354200_132833105_n11. From Down Under—Daffy Days, shot from below.
1891236_10203902834115200_783891659_n12. Arranged my scraps—I’ve been quilting for over 15 years and have never done a Log Cabin.
phonto13. Irish—It’s easy being Green! LOVE shopping at GW.
20140313-IMG_871514. Mark the Spot—a Nice center-focused daffy.
1157577_10203859034460236_1540524121_n15. Hard –to believe Laylabug is already 2 1/2 years old!


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