Photos for week ending 3/22/14 CY365

With a little creative interpretation–

16. Cheers
17. A Shamrock
18. Duplicate
19. 365
20. Diptych
21. Spring?
22. On Their Terms

1901472_10203912585998991_136580160_n16. Cheers  SOMEONE is a happy morning person! (the hoodie stayed on for HOURS)
nail17. A Shamrock—Ok, not really. But St. Patrick’s Day nails, and my lovely green sweater. But mostly, my Claddagh rings! My first gift from my husband is the silver Claddagh, and my wedding band is Claddaghs as well!
1982023_10203936181388861_494876959_n18. Duplicate—and more of these very uhm, interesting leggings. I know EXACTLY who would love them, though—Lula!!!!
photo36519. 365 Page number in one of my all-time favorite books.
photo2220. Diptych—technically no, it’s not. But it’s a really cute selfie, so I’m letting it pass! Laylabug climbed onto my back that night and silliness ensued.
daffy21. Spring? This poor Daffy! Since Mid February It’s had alternating 80 degree days, snow days, rain days, and now a crisp coating of ice! I checked on it the next day, and after defrosting, it was like new!!
phototree22. On Their Terms—I love how beech trees hold onto their leaves through the winter. They do autumn on their terms, and refuse to drop their leaves, adding interest to winter roadsides.


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