Photo A Day—CY365, Week ending 3/8/2014

2. Cat in the Hat
3. Choose a Favorite
4. Party!
5. A Story In Three
6. Your Muse
7. Frustrated

8. Drive

IMG_73202. Cat in the Hat—Well, ok, a Laylabug in a hat.
IMG_73143. Choose a Favorite. Daffy’s just won’t let a deep freeze and a snow storm stop them! The day AFTER they felt like delicate ice sculptures.

IMG_73194. Party!—Seagulls gathering for a good time!
20140302-IMG_86776. Your Muse—My muse is actually named Twitchy, and she is a purple haired doll I made. But what makes me want to take photos would be scenes like this!
IMG_73347. Frustrated Will winter NEVER end? March 7, 2014, ICE coats the car


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