Photos of the week, Week ending 3/1/14

Huh? MARCH already?
That means SPRING! will be here soon! St Patrick’s Day parades start as early as today (my unofficial harbinger of spring, standing on the side of Forest Avenue, Staten Island, during the parade, even if a blizzard shows up the following day) Of course, I wasn’t there; I’m in Virginia now (and only a short way from the beach currently….)

23. Crowded Around
24. Predictable
25. Bittersweet

26. Admire
27. Seize The Moment

28. Keep Going

1972545_10203762179118913_806005690_n23. Crowded Around—Baby Beluga, Gigi and Layla are gathered around the TV to watch the Olympics Closing Ceremonies.
1011084_10203788348533132_1582363166_n24. Predictable—Some cats are just drawn bad.
577407_10203767126602597_1566304259_n25. Bittersweet This birdbath has rusted, but the patina makes me smile.
1920346_10203781206594588_41041480_n26. Admire (the tenacity of Neko….he WANTS to play with Tatiana!)
1912368_10203786035515308_341257836_n27. Seize The Moment (or, one of the fringe benefits of working odd shifts.)
20140301-IMG_837128. Keep Going—I was driving to the quilt show yesterday, and rather than ‘keep going’ I pulled off when I saw this wonderful old building.

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