This WEEK in photos…W/E 2/8/14

2. A Silhouette
3. Soft
4. Heartwarming
5. From The Top
6. Shadows
7. Old School
8. Hand Tinted


Kind of went my own way this week….
1794641_10203652074326362_1275265419_n3. Soft — During the Olympics I usually find a hand work project. This year it’s un-quilting this double bed sized quilt that I started in 2000. I had started hand quilting it but plan to have it machine quilted (AKA, FINISHED)
1904251_10203660933907846_672623605_n4. Heartwarming
1551481_10203638875876409_808981650_n5. From The Top
1797526_10203657740988025_2039506757_n7. Old School– See this ring? It was given to me by my great aunt when I was 10 against my grandmother’s better judgment. I lost it when I was 13. I found it two years later in the pocket of the jacket I had taken it off to wash dishes. Now it only comes off if I am having surgery. So I’ve had it almost 40 years since the last time I lost it. The foot ring does not come off either. That’s from my dad. I was maybe 14? I should say that the turquoise ring was purchased by my grandmother in California in 1927 and given to my great aunt as a gift.

1780842_10203642517727453_1760603762_nThe scent of smelly socks is hard to resist…

1898605_10203630787314200_1335498659_oPanera for dinner… this caught my eye… may have to manipulate language to make it fit heartwarming  (but settled on something else for that, so here are these pretty colored bowls)

1653332_10203648148788226_1336987714_nAll food should be played with. Stalked, attacked, spied on and batted about. Only after serious hunting and proof of superior skill should a worthy opponent be devoured. Neko spends a lot of time chasing pieces of kibble after he liberates them from the food bowl.

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