Photos of the Week, Week ending 2-1-14 CY365

26. Vivid
27. Secure
28. Return
29. Lively
30. Focusing
31. A Horse


1. In the dark

IMG_652526. Vivid Color on my Jelly Roll Race quilt, with a pop of contrast provided by quilt inspector Cannoli.
484023_10203573214834924_676702854_n27. Secure—In a safe spot, keeping an eye out. Does this tunnel make my butt look big?

551075_10203583310367306_1666111332_n28. Return—When inspiration fails, fall back on old reliable. Kitty pictures!! (what makes the internet go round)
20140129-IMG_817029. Lively—The polar opposite of Lively, this stark snowy image.
1797567_10203600352233342_938118586_n30. Focusing—on the big picture!
20140131-IMG_821331. A Horse (or Chinese New Year) GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! This LOVE chop was brought back to me from China by my daughter when she went there 5 years ago to bring home her baby cousin. The quilt in the background is called Emails from China, and I designed it while she was there…there are koi fish on it, and Chinese characters and lettering. Blog and photo)

1798827_10203609245455667_2012873224_nFebruary  1. In the dark—Should have been a selfie tonight, but Kitty!

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