Photos this week, CY365 W/E 2/15/14

9. A Little Heart
10. It’s Still Winter
11. Retail Therapy
12. Red
13. Conversation
14. Amore
15. Geared Up


1545780_10203665144053097_2022082677_n9. A Little Heart–Super four way selfie! And look, a little heart, for the prompt!
1911833_10203669319517481_846472293_n10. It’s Still Winter—(so we can still snuggle on the couch under blankets and nap the day away.) Except Neko. Bolt is his favorite movie.
1922447_10203679337447923_2067729149_n11. Retail Therapy—Grocery store display today. It’s not summer yet??
1011241_10203687054600847_820283743_n12. Red–Snow day. (Well, day off with Rain currently but…)
1899982_10203668991069270_1262292134_n13. Conversation
1604605_10203698862976049_677999020_n14. Amore—Valentines Day was a full moon, and it rose early and orange. I only had my pocket camera at work with me…
1526090_10203712241990516_2076997854_n15. Geared Up,  Prepared. …I’m ready now to put this over 14 year old quilt back together ( I was a pretty sloppy piece back in the day!! Ugh. Removed the outer border. Need to put back on, press and mail to get it quilted)

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