Week in Photos. CY365, Week ending 1/11/14

5. With a Fork
6. Unique (AKA Macro Monday)
7. Natural Treasure
8. Blue
9. Where I Stand

10. A Doorway
11. In Good Hands

20140105-IMG_78655. With a Fork … so… how about, Put a Fork in me, I’m DONE!
IMG_79136. Unique (Macro Monday) –I need to DUST!
2014-01-077. Todays prompt was Natural Treasure. Something nice and outdoorsy. Except outside today wasn’t exciting. Frigid yes but no precipitation no interesting bits. And too cold to explore. However it’s only a week into the new year and Neko hasn’t given up his new years resolution to exercise more. So Neko on the elliptical it is!
2014-01-088. Blue— Such a gorgeous sky won out over the Peyton Manning jersey I was working on
2014-01-099. Where You Stand… But I sat for a long time in dentist chair today, so… Part one of root canal is done. Pain meds taken. Let’s see how much Xmas tree gets packed before I get lost in a Percocet haze.
2014-01-1010. Today’s prompt was doorway. And if you know me, doors are a favorite image of mine. But cold, wet, rainy, dark after work…the laptop is a doorway of sorts, to a whole other world. (Bonus Neko)

20140111-IMG_795311. In Good Hands—didn’t pan out, but This foggy morning could be for Natural Treasures!

This CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year.  Start WHEN you want, and make your own rules!

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