Photos–Week ending 1/4/14 CY365

I am just about to round out my full year of photos for this challenge; I started late in January 2013, although I had done the photo a day thing before.  I did take off most of December 2013, at least as far as having a new photo each day, because I did my annual Christmas Photo a Day on this blog (look through the archives!)

This first full week has a few bonus shots from the days immediately following Christmas. I have encouraged a number of my FB friends to attempt this with me this year!

IMG_606926.  One of the things about my job that I love the most is that I can participate in peoples lives; help them grieve or celebrate.

IMG_607027. Worn  This Christmas decoration is 23 years old, squished, bent…and LOVED.


IMG_6108  29. Connect

IMG_6176  30.  Leftover Tatiana rarely comes out of her room, but she smelled chicken and was hoping for leftovers!




IMG_61981. Celebrate—Well, I don’t do much on NYE, and I usually WORK on New Years Day, and this year was no exception. But I do think I am going to be entertained by my daughters new calendar!
IMG_6214 2. Goals- Made it to 80! Happy birthday to my mother-in-law (on the 4th but we celebrated early)
photoa3. Winter Sports —Drinking with friends (#heughligans) IS SO a sport!

1-4-20144. A Little Bit (monthly portrait prompt) Deceptively sunny skies…


ALL of these photos were taken with my iPhone5 and edited with various apps (Snapseed, Over, PS Express, Fotor, Phonto, Aviary, Camera 360, Photo Studio or Camera Awesome–mostly free, and please don’t ask which did what! )

This CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year.  Start WHEN you want, and make your own rules!

  My photography website. My FLICKR photo page. Follow me on Facebook.  On Twitter, I am@rteest42

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