Photo A Day, Week ending 1-18-14 CY365

12. Footprints
13. An Encouraging Word
14. Yummy
15. In the Air
16. Reserved
17. Knobby

18. Pose

This weeks words. (Sometimes, the single word prompt doesn’t really match the photo. It could be because the email the expands the idea is what gets my thinking cap running, or it could be that I was totally flummoxed and just took a photo I Iiked!)

20140112-DSCN08511520788_10203496292791921_695336466_n12. Footprints–Prompt was Footprints. But the daily email expanded that to leading lines. I drive by this stream every day, and almost every day, I think, “Oh, that looks nice, I should stop and take a photo.” Thought the same thing today, passed on, thought again about leading lines, and turned around! And then, a few days later, look! Leading Lines AND footprints on our deck from surprise snow! (Bonus!)
1525034_10203478733632953_1969269454_n13. An Encouraging Word Prompt was Words….
1601193_10203487682416667_1795742908_n14. Yummy Prompt today-Yummy. This is my rice pudding. It’s not the best photo, and the pudding is OK, but the memory… As a teen, I used to babysit for Danny and Emmanuel. Around the holidays, their mother Pilar made her special Puerto Rican rice pudding. Danny and Manny would come across the street to my house to bring me a doubled paper plate full of warm, freshly made rice pudding. I always looked forward to that pudding! YUMMY!
1528745_10203494547708295_664062272_n15. In the Air—prompt- In the air …. The full moon is in the air so the lunatics are in the store so the wine is required afterwards.
1545018_10203500739503086_1575422417_n16. Reserved—Prompt was Reserved. I went a different way, thinking about how the garden in summer is a riot of color, but the winter garden? Totally not RESERVED, but a wild bit of texture and form. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
1554425_10203507335307977_1829259489_n17. Knobby–Texture…. Pattern…Color….Scale. One of the UFO’s I will work on at retreat next weekend!
2014-01-1818. Pose—Prompt was pose, but I hadn’t checked my email this morning to get it. On the way into the kitchen tonight to get ready for dinner, I spotted this scene in Arlie’s bedroom….

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