CY365 Photo A Day, Week ending 11-23

17. Special Friends
18. Entertainment
19. Photography
20. Whimsy

21. Boundless Spirit
22. Open Space
23. Imperfect Moments

IMG_562717. Special Friends Charlie Brown waits in the car seat for Laylabug.

IMG_559918. Entertainment-Time for another quilting lesson!

20131118-untitled-819. Photography-  At its essence, photography is painting with light, seeing light and shadow.

IMG_561020. Whimsy

IMG_562221. Boundless Spirit — Some days just call for dangly earrings.

20131117-untitled-522. Open Space-foggy morning.

IMG_562423. Imperfect Moments

This is CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year.   My photography website. My FLICKR photo page. Follow me on Facebook.  On Twitter, I am@rteest42 

Counting down—only ONE WEEK before CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY starts!!!!  CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY starts on December 1st!

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