CY365 Photo a Day Week of 11/16

10. Selfless Acts
11. Freedom
12. Simple Pleasures
13. Unspoken Words
14. Progress
15. Nourishment
16. Color

This is CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year.   My photography website. My FLICKR photo page. Follow me on Facebook.  On Twitter, I am @rteest42  LESS than two weeks before CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY starts!!!!  CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY starts on December 1st!!! Don’t miss a single image, Subscribe to this blog, or LIKE my Facebook page, and don’t miss a single day.  LIKE this? Share it, please
IMG_557110. Selfless Acts—Allowing Tatiana to eat her fill before having what’s left is a very hard job. But Neko is usually very good.
untitled-1511. Freedom—Outside! Enjoy the fall while we can!
20131116-untitled-4212. Simple Pleasures
IMG_552313. Unspoken Words—Memories of Grandma Elaine
20131114-untitled-2514. Progress—the life cycle of the leaf, in full view.
IMG_557315. Nourishment—How lucky I am to have these family treasures, to take care of and honor.
IMG_558416. Color. Just incredible, tasty, build a quilt around me color!

Running late posting. Sorry!

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