CY365 Week ending 11-30-13

You know what this means, right? Tomorrow is DECEMBER!!!!

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CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY starts on December 1st!

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24. Contentment
25. Relationships
26. The Journey
27. Home Made
28. My Life
29. Legacy
30. Sincerity

2013-NOV 11-25-2013 8-32-10 AM24. Contentment They are Such good playmates.
IMG_716125. Relationships Distance means nothing today, with technology. Emily joined the family before Thanksgiving dinner prayer via Skype.
2013-NOV 11-25-2013 11-27-52 AM26. The Journey—Art is MESSY, enjoy the journey!
2013-NOV 11-28-2013 10-09-43 AM27. Home Made-My stuffing is a Smile with tongue out‘demand’ Rolling on the floor laughingrequest every Thanksgiving day.2013-NOV 11-29-2013 6-57-05 AMAt work they are no better,Winking smile demanding Smile with tongue out requesting Breakfast Casserole for Black Friday Morning.
2013-NOV 11-25-2013 3-20-41 PM28. My Life—for the next month is playing on of Santa’s elves.

2013-NOV 11-29-2013 6-34-01 AMBaby It’s COLD outside…

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