Running Late CY365 Photos for last week


IMG_431114. Old and New (contrast) Arrival and Departure…Waiting for Arlie at RIC
IMG_4318-00115. I Spy—I was told by someone that there was a basket in “a leper pattern and that tacky Lamé color.” I interpreted those clues and came up with this.
20130718-IMG_430816. Dry? Try a Dirty Banana drink…
IMG_432117. Starts With S(weet Frog)
IMG_432018. A Source of Happiness –baby Chloe visits me at work!- O(K, “I”didn’t TAKE this photo,but only because I couldn’t put the baby down!)

IMG_433119. Two (blue) Scoops

IMG_435020. Shades of Blue

CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year. My photography website. MyFLICKRphoto page. Follow me onFacebook.

(having some technical difficulties getting photos up @CY365…)

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