CY365, Week Ending 7-13

7. Seven—ok, this is the only one I DIDN’T get a photo to represent this week!DSCN0653Baby shower cake (not made BY or FOR me)
20130708-IMG_42718. One Flower—That sad little rose bush that I always threaten to remove shows me how it earns it’s spot.
IMG_42959. Shadows—Dark eye pencil, shadowing my eyes.
IMG_430010. An Ordinary Moment—Grocery shopping.
20130707-IMG_419111. On The Street–the latest in hover-coupes that ride through the streets of dining rooms!
20130712-IMG_430712. Stacks
IMG_429913. Cropped –Jacket….my ‘score’ at Goodwill this week.


CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year. My photography website. MyFLICKRphoto page. Follow me onFacebook.

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