CY365, week of 7/27

21. Urban Art
22. A Framework
23. Something Hot
24. Action
25. Progress
26. Science
27. Candid

Just reading these through pretty much assures me I didn’t capture most of them…let’s take a look and see? If we get creative with dates and definitions, maybe I didn’t do too poorly!
20130726-20130726-IMG_442521. Urban Art

IMG_436422. A Framework

IMG_438824. Action  (yeah, not a chance of movement if being rubbed)

IMG_439926. Science—can explain how the sun’s rays create glory light.

IMG_438427. Candid (tell us how you really feel!)IMG_4369Stuck in a car with a toddler during a deluge. The only photo I can’t categorize this week!

IMG_440623. Something Hot This man came into our quilt group at the church today and asked to borrow our iron.

CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year. My photography website. MyFLICKRphoto page. Follow me onFacebook. @rteest42 on Twitter

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