The Big Reveal

We just finished our redo of the master bath (really, the half-bath and laundry, but part of the master bedroom)

This is a totally DIY project—I designed, and painted, Timmy did the floor and the plumbing/heavy lifting. (muscle power also provided by Joe and David)

20130529-MbathOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe BEFORE shots– in all it’s glory. The baseboard heater is non-functioning. The vanity cabinets are the same exact builders grade that were in the other bath and the kitchen. (Kitchen cabinets are gone, the hall bath has been refinished.)

untitledI thought a coat of paint really highlights how awful this floor was.

20130629-IMG_4240I was wrong. Daylight exposed how horrid it was. I know understand why they didn’t put a window in the room!


The wall color is called Blue Shock. The entire theme came about from a poster with rubber ducks a la Andy Warhol. There are no bubbles anywhere in the room….

New floor (vinyl tile, but the only thing I could find that was exactly what I had in my head as the right stuff.) New toilet, new over toilet cabinet, refinished laminate vanity countertop with new faucet, a painted cabinet and new hardware.


20130624-IMG_404220130624-IMG_404020130630-IMG_4126Look in the mirror. This is the bump-out that houses the water heater and stacked washer/dryer.

New art: Pop Art ducks, photo and mirror. Old Art: My great aunt Edith painted these ducks and farmhouse.

20130618-IMG_420020130624-IMG_402120130630-IMG_412820130624-IMG_403320130624-IMG_403120130624-IMG_4015OK, I lied. The ducks all took a dunk in a bubble bath…

20130630-IMG_4127My bandana duck bank—collecting any change during laundry time!20130624-IMG_4044

All my ducks in a row…

VERY Happy with the results!

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