Half-way …CY365, week in review…(7-6)

30. Wings  1. Half Way  2. Whiskers  3. A Contrast  4. Fireworks  5. A Fountain  6. Blue Sky20130704-IMG_4180FIREWORKS—I wont be seeing any tonight that I feel like I need to be shooting, but I looked out the window and saw this red rocket shooting towards the BLUE SKY

20130701-IMG_4163HALFWAY –up the stairs or…. IMG_4259more than HALFWAY to Christmas!

IMG_4242Why, look! This horsey has WHISKERS!

20130706-DSCN0622CONTRAST –light and dark

Only two this week that didn’t fit into a category!

IMG_4265Hot dogs—they’re what’s for dinner!

IMG_4261Red Cabbage …

Creamsicle—A bonus! (from last week but I substituted one day with something else)20130623-IMG_3931

CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year. My photography website. MyFLICKRphoto page. Follow me on Facebook.

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